Meet the Gang!! 

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I’m Virtuosa and I LOVE singing more than ANYTHING! It’s the only thing I want to do! I love performing in Blankville Central High’s musicals. I’ve been in many starring roles, but my favorite was Belle in “Beauty and the Beast.” I’m also in the school chorus and I am SO good that I always get the solos. One day, I’m gonna get discovered by a big record company and then, OMG! I’ll become a famous, professional singer with millions and millions of fans! I. CAN’T. WAIT!

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Yo! Yo! I’m Gogo! An amazing all-around athlete and modern interpretive dancer. I’m also THE best quarterback in the HISTORY of the Blankville Central High football team. That’s right! I make completions EVERY play! All the girls at school think I’m AWESOME, but none of them are as cool as my girlfriend, Lindsey. Well, actually, Lindsey’s not my girlfriend at the moment because she broke up with me for this pinhead, Dylan. I don’t know WHAT she sees in him. But I’m not worried. Yeah. I know she’s gonna realize she made a mistake and come back to me soon!

Greetings! I’m Geyser! I’m new to Blankville Central High and seeking to make a LOT of friends! I hope this happens soon because I’m becoming a bit lonely playing video games by myself. Although, I do have one wonderful friend named Merrily. She’s the only kid at school who understands me. Sometimes we meet at the school library and talk about our favorite planets and constellations. Astronomy is my favorite subject! One day, I plan to become the Chief Executive of NASA!

Hi. Um. I’m totally, absolutely and completely unsure what to say? I guess I could say… I’m a writer? Is that okay? I think I’m actually an extremely good writer, but then, a lot of time, I’m not entirely sure. I really like to write poems. My favorite poem is about one of my absolutely FAVORITE people, but I don’t think I’ll ever have the courage to read it to him. I’d also like to try to write songs, but I’m not sure I could ever be good enough to do that. I do hope I have enough confidence to become a great writer someday. I dream about people thinking that my poems and songs are totally, absolutely and completely amazing. But, I’m not entirely sure that could ever REALLY happen. Or... could it?