Get ready to be FRIENDS 4EVER with our GEYSER - Max Joseph!!

Hi there! I’m Max Joseph, and I play Geyser in MAD LIBS LIVE! 

How do I describe how cool it is to play someone who is obsessed with Star Trek, Star Wars, superheroes, and sci-fi? I’ll let you fill in the blank… It’s ___________ (adjective)!! I grew up watching those movies, and reading those comics, so to play this character feels right at home. But what’s the BEST part of working on this show? Easy, the cast and creative team. I graduated from school in 2014, so I’m still pretty new to New York, so getting to work with so many brilliant minds is a truly humbling experience. It’s an honor to get to learn from all these people everyday. 

I also have to say how amazing it is to get to work on a world premiere of a show. Getting to help create a character is something that I’ve wanted to do my whole life, and it is a pretty cool thing.

So you have my favorite part, but whats the most difficult part? I would say that using the words we pull out and using them in our songs and scenes! It’s SO fun, but it is difficult sometimes to pull out a word and integrate it at the last second, but that’s the fun part as well!

Thanks for reading a bit about me and this ___________ (adjective) show! I hope that by the end of the show, we can be best friends!!