A Note From Austin Regan - Our Director Extraordinaire!!

Casting for a new musical can be tough! Deciding on who will play what role is one of those decisions that can and will affect the entire process of working on a production. And, sometimes with only a few minutes of working with an actor, you have to decide not only what kind of person is right for each character, but whether or not they are going to be fun in the rehearsal room, mesh well with the others in the cast and creative team, and so forth.


Luckily, we had a ton of awesome people audition for MAD LIBS LIVE! We had friends of mine and of the creative team, agent submissions, as well as some terrific people that showed up at the Equity required calls. It made me wish we had a cast larger than four, plus the two offstage understudies, to utilize all the fun and wacky and awesome talent. At the end of the day, there was a lot of back and forth, different possible pairings, different possible concerns, and I think the amazing people we ended up with will blow you away with their performances musically, comically, and imaginatively. Check the PRESS PAGE for more info about our terrific cast!