It's a brand new (Jeff) DAYE! Meet the man behind our musical tracks!

Seeing Mad Libs Live finally come to life on Monday was truly incredible. The cast and audience connected instantly, and there were more than a few ad lib moments that brought the house down (shoutout Gogo managing to recreate “Angry Birds” in real life). More often than not, the adults in the room were laughing just as hard as the kids, and I know the crew of twenty-something thespians seated with me were literally giddy every time one of their words was pulled. It has been a true pleasure to run orchestration and track production for this project, and I know everyone from age six to sixty will have as much fun watching this show as I did helping create it. 

She can be FAMOUS or FEARLESS - please meet SANTINA!!

Being a part of Mad Libs Live has been such a joy!  Everyday I get to watch an unpredictable show with fun choreography and catchy tunes.  Mark my words, you will walk away humming every one. Each run is a brand new experience as we never know what noun, verb, adjective or adverb is going to come out of the pails and fill in the script's blanks.  Not only is the show entertaining and a bundle of laughs but it keeps you and the actors on their toes in the best way!  Bring your favorite words and help us win the title of Blankville Central High's "Teen Superstars"!

Get ready to be FRIENDS 4EVER with our GEYSER - Max Joseph!!

Hi there! I’m Max Joseph, and I play Geyser in MAD LIBS LIVE! 

How do I describe how cool it is to play someone who is obsessed with Star Trek, Star Wars, superheroes, and sci-fi? I’ll let you fill in the blank… It’s ___________ (adjective)!! I grew up watching those movies, and reading those comics, so to play this character feels right at home. But what’s the BEST part of working on this show? Easy, the cast and creative team. I graduated from school in 2014, so I’m still pretty new to New York, so getting to work with so many brilliant minds is a truly humbling experience. It’s an honor to get to learn from all these people everyday. 

I also have to say how amazing it is to get to work on a world premiere of a show. Getting to help create a character is something that I’ve wanted to do my whole life, and it is a pretty cool thing.

So you have my favorite part, but whats the most difficult part? I would say that using the words we pull out and using them in our songs and scenes! It’s SO fun, but it is difficult sometimes to pull out a word and integrate it at the last second, but that’s the fun part as well!

Thanks for reading a bit about me and this ___________ (adjective) show! I hope that by the end of the show, we can be best friends!!

Thoughts from the fiercely (almost) famous: Lindsey Brett Carothers!

I’m so grateful to be playing Virtuosa! I love learning more about her everyday in rehearsal, and how she truly transforms throughout the show. My favorite part about MAD LIBS LIVE! is how we literally have no idea what nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs we will have to act out in front of the audience without any time to think or plan. It’s so much fun to physicalize all the crazy words we get from the audience, and no show will ever be the same. So far, some of my personal favorite words that I’ve had to act out are: sleep, pony, hamster, donkey, and choke! The most challenging part about learning the show was incorporating the words into our songs, because the timing is really important, and the songs are fast. Luckily, our director and choreographer have found amazing ways to make it look effortless. I can't wait to share this show with audiences, and see what new creative words are thrown our way. If you need me, I'll be figuring out "How To Be Famous" :). 

Hiya Friends!! A note from our astounding composer Jeff Thomson!!

I'm Jeff Thomson, the composer of MAD LIBS LIVE! We are officially in rehearsals as we prepare for our New York City debut at New World Stages!!! How did this party begin you ask?

Let's FLASHBACK, FLASHBACK, FLASHBACK!  (Come see the'll get this reference!)

I meet with book-writer and lyricist, Robin Rothstein over a ______ (Adjective) dinner where she outlined the concept of this HILARIOUS, INTERACTIVE and ______ (Adjective) musical. Immediately, I was hooked and we began the journey from idea to page, and then page to stage! 


Here we are, in rehearsal with an insanely talented group of young talent bringing our vision to life. We've been so ______ (Adverb) fortunate to get to this point and we're OVERJOYED to share "MAD LIBS LIVE!" with all of you! 

Always remember: There are times to get serious, but there are also times to #GETGOOFY!!! 



A Note From Austin Regan - Our Director Extraordinaire!!

Casting for a new musical can be tough! Deciding on who will play what role is one of those decisions that can and will affect the entire process of working on a production. And, sometimes with only a few minutes of working with an actor, you have to decide not only what kind of person is right for each character, but whether or not they are going to be fun in the rehearsal room, mesh well with the others in the cast and creative team, and so forth.


Luckily, we had a ton of awesome people audition for MAD LIBS LIVE! We had friends of mine and of the creative team, agent submissions, as well as some terrific people that showed up at the Equity required calls. It made me wish we had a cast larger than four, plus the two offstage understudies, to utilize all the fun and wacky and awesome talent. At the end of the day, there was a lot of back and forth, different possible pairings, different possible concerns, and I think the amazing people we ended up with will blow you away with their performances musically, comically, and imaginatively. Check the PRESS PAGE for more info about our terrific cast!



A Note from Robin Rothstein

OMG! Welcome to the very first blog post of MAD LIBS LIVE! I'm Robin Rothstein, the book writer, lyricist and co-producer of MAD LIBS LIVE! and I can't tell you how EXCITED and ___________ (adjective) I am that the show is going to run Off Broadway starting Nov 1st at New World Stages! Wow! This is so a dream come true for me! I met the creator of Mad Libs, Leonard Stern, back in 2007 and not long after that it dawned on me, heyyyyyyy...I bet Mad Libs would make a really great family musical! And now, eight years later (whew!) here we are! I can't WAIT to see MAD LIBS LIVE! up on it's feet. It's gonna be AWESOME, so I hope you get the chance to come over and see it! I promise you'll have a goofy, wacky time! Thanks for visiting our website and please come back and check out this blog regularly to see posts from all of the cool people involved with the show and for other fun and exciting updates! Until the next time, I hope you have a/an ______________ (adjective) day! 😜